Good Orbit
The Scientists Ep 7: Bugs w/Jaboukie Young-White, Bennett Ferris, Harris Mayersohn, Christine Johnson, Blythe Roberson, Madelyn Freed


We got bugs to show you and bugs to warn you about. Blythe loves a chill roach and Madelyn admires aphids as feminist heroes. Jaboukie Young-White, Bennet Ferris, andĀ Harris Mayersohn scramble around and are generally freaky-deaky but also tell jokes. Plus scientist Christine Johnson from the AMNH with expertise onĀ parasites and their hosts, with a specialization on slave-maker ants.

Madelyn Freed and Blythe Roberson host.

Recorded at Union Hall September 15, 2017 as part of the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival. Live sound and recording by Chris Medrano. Edited by Shannon Manning for Good Orbit.

Original poster by Hallie Bateman (@hallithbates)