Good Orbit is a woman-run podcast network and home for many independent artists and producers who make their creative homes at Brooklyn venues Union Hall, the Bell House, and Beyond!

Brooklyn’s sister venues The Bell House and Union Hall are known for successfully presenting innovative music, comedy, variety shows, and live podcasts, and for helping artists, scientists, and producers reach live audiences, and have played an pivotal role in the explosion of alternative comedy and storytelling. Good Orbit picked up where the venues leave off – helping creators connect to new audiences by providing additional resources and platforms to showcase and distribute their work online. Artists own and control their live show or studio podcasts and Good Orbit produces, distributes, and promotes the recordings.

Check out some of the amazing and diverse shows:

Please follow the links to your favorite platforms to subscribe, review, and support (Patreon or Paypal). Any donations go almost entirely to the artists after show expenses. You can specify which show you’d like to support by Patreon tier, or select on the paypal links on the website. General donations are applied first to overdue recording expenses for other shows so all can get more quickly to making some moola on their hard work.

So far it has been an unpaid (costly!) labor of love by one employee hoping to amplify the hard work of all the artists to a broader audience, and your support will help us keep doing it!

If you are wish to sponsor more officially or join our network with your podcast, let me know!

Be sure to experience these shows live when they host them here in NYC or in your city. Live show listings are on the front page and you can Join the Good Orbit mailing list for occasional updates on what’s happening.


Shannon Manning

PS: If you were on an artists’ podcast but you haven’t seen it post yet, email me and I will send you participant release!