The Scientists
The Scientists
The Scientists Ep 6: Cancer w/Sachi Ezura, John Reynolds, Blythe Roberson and Madelyn Freed

Ep: 6 This show was so good that after this show a bunch of Sloan Kettering administrators asked for my autograph. We delighted them and probably the audience with dreadful facts about CANCER. Did you know that the doctors that invented chemotherapy tried to poison their young patients with anything they could think of including mustard gas? Did you want to know? Sachu Ezura and John Reynolds yummed our yucks, too.

Madelyn Freed and Blythe Roberson host.

Recorded at Union Hall Oct 24, 2017. Live sound and recording by Dave Polk. Edited by Shannon Manning for Good Orbit. Poster by Hallie Bateman (@hallithbates) with edits by Josh Roman.