Serious Matters
Serious Matters
Serious Matters Interview Ep 2: PODCASTS w/Chelsea White & Erin Leafe

Chelsea White & Erin Leafe are our guests for the very special Serious Matter of PODCASTS. They talk about – and conduct a mini-episode of – their dating podcast, “Ghosted Stories.”  Kristen Daly provides some PODCAST-worthy music and Jaimie McCaffrey provided the familiar voice of your favorite PODCAST (besides this one.)

Serious Matters is a monthly comedy show at Union Hall that features stand up, video, PowerPoints, and interviews with real-life experts. On this podcast, we play the featured interview from each show, as these experts help us solve that day’s Serious Matter.

This show recorded November 11, 2017 at Union Hall as part of the Brooklyn Podcast Festival.

Sound by Gary O’Keefe and edited and produced by Shannon Manning for Good Orbit.