The Scientists Ep 1: Artificial Intelligence w/Joel Kim Booster, Ana Fabrega, Stephen Markow, and Rob Dubbin
The Scientists

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Artificial Intelligence

Is the robot takeover around the corner? Or is it just nerd apocalypse that we have nothing to worry about? Madelyn & Blythe explain the singularity, and comedians Joel Kim Booster, Ana Fabrega, Stephen Markow, and Rob Dubbin weigh in.

Hosted by Blythe Roberson, Madelyn Freed

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Recorded Live at Union Hall, Feb 7, 2017. Live Sound by Dave Polk. Produced and edited by Shannon Manning.

Comedians and “scientists” Madelyn Freed (The Annoyance) and Blythe Roberson (New Yorker, The Onion) investigate a new scientific topic each month. From AI to romantic attraction to body decomposition, Madelyn and Blythe give an hour-long lecture with help from NYC’s funniest comedians. At the end of every show, they bring out an actual scientific authority to pester with questions and to tell them where they went wrong.

The Scientists