Thrilled to be bringing onboard new studio podcast PONZI SCREAM, a comedy and news podcast looking at white collar crime, especially in the financial sector.

Hosted by Danny Felts, David Bradley Isenberg, and Gabe Pacheco, who are all very happy with how everything is going in the world these days.

Here are the episode listings, which are coming at you fast!
  • Ep 1: Bermuda, a Mexican border town plastic surgeon, a gym rat’s P.O. Box; and Facebook’s Libra (Patreon only)
  • Ep 2: Even after his murder, Jeffrey Epstein remains entangled in two of the biggest fights in financial regulation
  • Ep 3: A linebacker broker-dealer; Baby Bonds for Grownups
  • Ep 4: Keith Springer sprung; the only living Super PAC in New Jersey
  • Ep. 5: Ponzi Scream goes full murder mystery; private equity populism
  • Ep. 6: My son, my innocent insider trading son; nothing fires up the MAGA base like the proposed regulation on proxy advisory firms; ESGee Willikers
  • Ep 7: Avenatti, Puerto Rican Bonds-i Scheme